Brown, Aloysius Lewis

Aloysius Lewis Brown
b: 18 JAN 1793
d: 23 FEB 1864
my gr gr grandfather, Aloysius Lewis Brown, lived in Bardstown, Ky forseveral yrs after moving there from Md..several of his sisters etcfollowed him to Ky. In 1817 he led a group of families north to establisha new community in eastern Ill near Paris..the story stretches backwardsand forwards..hope this proves to be of some help..we lived in suburbs ofLvl, near Middletown, for several yrs..good luck
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  • 18 JAN 1793 - Birth - ; Bladensburg, Prince Georges, MD
  • 23 FEB 1864 - Death - ; Austin, MN
Ignatius Brown
1768 - 1810
Aloysius Lewis Brown
18 JAN 1793 - 23 FEB 1864
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Ignatius Brown
Birth1768St. Mary''s Co., MD
Death1810 Nelson Co., KY
Marriageto Ann Reynolds
PARENT (F) Ann Reynolds
BirthSt. Mary''s Co., MD
Marriageto Ignatius Brown
MAloysius Lewis Brown
Birth18 JAN 1793Bladensburg, Prince Georges, MD
Death23 FEB 1864Austin, MN
Marriage1 AUG 1814to Elizabeth Drury at Fairfield, Nelson, KY
FMonica Polly Brown
BirthABT. 1787St. Mary''s County, MD
Death22 APR 1882Watertown, WI
Marriage5 JUL 1813to Bernard Barnaby Reynolds at St Thomas Sem Barnstown Nelson Cty KY
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Aloysius Lewis Brown
Birth18 JAN 1793Bladensburg, Prince Georges, MD
Death23 FEB 1864 Austin, MN
Marriage1 AUG 1814to Elizabeth Drury at Fairfield, Nelson, KY
FatherIgnatius Brown
MotherAnn Reynolds
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Drury
Birth1788Emmitsburg, MD
Death13 APR 1868 Austin, MN
Marriage1 AUG 1814to Aloysius Lewis Brown at Fairfield, Nelson, KY
MWilliam Ignatius Brown
Birth25 SEP 1827Edgar County, IL
Death22 AUG 1912Austin, MN
Marriage25 SEP 1860to Anna Julia Dishart (de Schart) at Allanamakee, Co., IA
MMagnus George Brown
Birth1816Nelson Co., KY
Death1835Edgar Co., IL
MJames Harrison Brown
Birth10 SEP 1819Edgar Co., IL
Death18 FEB 1902Edgar Co., IL
Marriage16 OCT 1838to Catherine Bodine at St. Mary''s, IN
FMary Louisa Brown
Birth1820Edgar Co., IL
Marriage16 MAY 1835to James M. Bodine at Edgar Co., IL
FAnn (Nancy) Brown
Birth12 AUG 1821Edgar Co., IL
Death3 MAY 1857Emmitsburg, MD
FMatilda A. Brown
BirthABT. 1823
Marriage6 JAN 1845to William Frazier at Edgar Co., IL
FJane Brown
Birth13 OCT 1825Edgar Co., IL
Death10 AUG 1918St. Mary''s Indiana
MBenedict Joseph Brown
Birth1831Edgar Co., IL
Marriageto 1?
Marriage6 JUN 1869to 2?
Descendancy Chart
Aloysius Lewis Brown b: 18 JAN 1793 d: 23 FEB 1864
Elizabeth Drury b: 1788 d: 13 APR 1868
William Ignatius Brown b: 25 SEP 1827 d: 22 AUG 1912
Anna Julia Dishart (de Schart) b: 19 SEP 1839 d: 18 DEC 1931
Thecla Olive Brown b: 1869 d: 9 DEC 1921
John Ignatius Faricy b: 20 MAY 1860 d: 9 DEC 1945
James Joseph Faricy b: 31 MAR 1891 d: 2 JUN 1970
William Thomas Faricy b: 7 MAR 1893 d: 12 APR 1980
Norma Anita Hauser b: 28 JUN 1894
Norma "Bym" Hauser Faricy b: 28 NOV 1920 d: 21 SEP 2013
Nancy Patricia Condee b: Private
William Faricy Condee b: Private
Jean Marion Faricy b: 15 DEC 1922 d: 27 DEC 1959
John B. Jr. Lord b: Private
Michael Faricy Lord b: Private
Daniel Hauser Lord b: Private
Victoria Barton Lord b: Private
Robert Brown Faricy b: 13 JUL 1895 d: 16 DEC 1963
Ann Dominica Faricy b: 26 JUL 1897 d: FEB 1984
Orrin Lee b: 11 OCT 1896 d: DEC 1978
Orrin John Lee , Jr b: Private
John Ignatius Jr Faricy b: 12 DEC 1901 d: 13 JAN 1975
Virginia Davis b: 7 JUN 1910 d: 12 JAN 1978
Elizabeth Faricy b: Private
Helen Faricy b: Private
Leo Brown Faricy b: 5 JAN 1906 d: 10 AUG 1986
Margaret Keeley d: 28 AUG 2004
Ann Culliton Faricy b: Private
George Ambrose Faricy b: 4 AUG 1903 d: 21 DEC 1992
Austin Faricy b: 2 JAN 1911 d: 3 OCT 1997
Magnus William Brown b: 11 JUL 1862 d: 14 FEB 1947
Fannie Bever b: 28 JAN 1875 d: 17 MAR 1968
Rosemary Brown d: BEF. 1912
Ormanzo A. Brown b: 1 AUG 1866 d: JAN 1937
Jennie C. Rooney b: ABT. 1867 d: MAY 1943
Leo F. Brown b: 28 AUG 1871
Mary Zita Brown b: 25 MAR 1877
Paula Brown b: 1874 d: 1 FEB 1933
Collette Brown d: 1953
Magnus George Brown b: 1816 d: 1835
James Harrison Brown b: 10 SEP 1819 d: 18 FEB 1902
Catherine Bodine b: 1818 d: 1877
Ann (Nancy) Brown b: 12 AUG 1821 d: 3 MAY 1857
Matilda A. Brown b: ABT. 1823 d: 1867
Jane Brown b: 13 OCT 1825 d: 10 AUG 1918
Benedict Joseph Brown b: 1831 d: 1910